#ExploreBC: 10 Places to Visit this Summer.


Summer is almost here!!!!! *squeals* and here are the list of the places where you can hike and swim near Vancouver. I made this list specifically for people who doesn’t want to go take the ferry but loves road trip.

This is arranged in alphabetical order.

1) Brandywine Falls

Location: Whistler, BC
Activities available: Hike, Cycle, Picnic
Pets: Yes, on leash. Not allowed on beach areas or park buildings. Continue reading

Visa-Free Travel for Canadian Permanent Residents


Acquiring a visa can be pretty expensive and stressful. I still have my Philippine passport and citizenship even though I live in Canada, which means I still have to apply for travel visa in some countries despite being a Canadian Resident.  So I did my research *types in google: visa free travel for canadian pr card holder, lols” and found these places that are visa-free if you’re Canadian Resident. Yay!

A few notes:
– Your passport needs to be at least 6 months valid. It’s safer like that and to avoid any complications when you get to the country’s port of entry.
– I haven’t been to any of these places. (Boohoo). But if you have any questions regarding anything, we can google it together! =)
IMPORTANT! Please call country’s embassy to confirm travel requirements before planning and purchasing tickets. (As my list may not be up to date) Continue reading

Travel Bucket List: Havasupai Falls

havasu falls

About the Havasu Falls:
– Located in Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA– within the Havasupai Tribal Lands.
– Has six waterfalls: Havasu, Mooney, Beaver, New Navajo, Old Navajo and Rock. I heard that there’s also a “Hidden Falls” somewhere!
– Reservations are needed in order to enter the area.
– Hiking distance: 20 miles~ (approx.)
– Hiking time: 4-7 hours one way.

Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

Let’s have dinner tomorrow night for Valentine’s.

Yay! Where to?

I know you don’t like fine dining. I was thinking of going to this Persian Restaurant in Downtown. (Big food portions.)

That’s why I love you.


A Day Trip: Granville Island


For this year’s Family Day (Yay for Stat Holidays!), we decided to spend the afternoon in Granville Island, Vancouver. Granville Island is popular for its Public Market, water taxis, restaurants, great street performers and unique shops. There’s a lot of tourists here, which means it can get pretty pricey. But overall, it’s one of the most beautiful spots to visit when you’re in Vancouver. Continue reading

A Day Trip: Victoria City (Winter)

victoria cover photo

January 23rd is Jasper’s birthday, and we decided to celebrate it by going around Victoria for a day. If you ever find yourself thinking, “What should I do on a cold winter’s day at Victoria?”, then for your reference, here’s what our itinerary looked like:
(everything is in order according to the places we went first to last)

Chinatown: Fan Tan Alley

From the Swartz Bay Terminal, we went straight ahead to Chinatown and looked for the Fan Tan Alley. There’s a lot of paid street parking available around the city so don’t worry about it, just make sure you have enough change with you or credit card.

The Fan Tan Alley is currently known as the narrowest street in Canada. It is found between Government Street and Store Street, or beside Fan Tan Cafe. The alley has a few small shops including an art gallery, cafe, retail, apartments and offices. (Cleanliness = 4/5) Continue reading