Visa-Free Travel for Canadian Permanent Residents


Acquiring a visa can be pretty expensive and stressful. I still have my Philippine passport and citizenship even though I live in Canada, which means I still have to apply for travel visa in some countries despite being a Canadian Resident.  So I did my research *types in google: visa free travel for canadian pr card holder, lols” and found these places that are visa-free if you’re Canadian Resident. Yay!

A few notes:
– Your passport needs to be at least 6 months valid. It’s safer like that and to avoid any complications when you get to the country’s port of entry.
– I haven’t been to any of these places. (Boohoo). But if you have any questions regarding anything, we can google it together! =)
IMPORTANT! Please call country’s embassy to confirm travel requirements before planning and purchasing tickets. (As my list may not be up to date) Continue reading

How to apply for US Visitor Visa (for Canadian Permanent Residents)


If you’re currently a Canadian Permanent Resident, you need to apply for a visa in order to enter the US of A.


*** There’s a lot of visa categories as per this website. Just keep in mind that you are there for leisure trip, therefore choose the B-2 VISITOR VISA. ***

APPLICATION: 1) Fill out the Online Non-immigrant Visa Application (DS-160) through this website, click here. Select “Location” first and then “Start the Application”. Voila! Start your application now. 2) Print the confirmation page to bring to your interview.

PHOTO*: 1) You need to upload a photo in your application in order to proceed with the form. I didn’t have any .jpg photo with me at the moment, so I used my iPhone and took the picture with a white background. (which went through!) 2) On the day of your interview, you need to bring 2 pieces of 2×2 photo, so make sure you have the proper photo for this. (No iPhone photos please!) 3) For photo requirements, click here.

*More photo info: I went to London Drugs and had mine taken there. I paid around $13 for 2 pieces of photos. (You can also go to Costco or Walmart). If you ever forget to bring one on the day of your interview, there’s a photo booth inside the embassy. Just make sure you arrive there earlier.

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