#ExploreBC: 10 Places to Visit this Summer.


Summer is almost here!!!!! *squeals* and here are the list of the places where you can hike and swim near Vancouver. I made this list specifically for people who doesn’t want to go take the ferry but loves road trip.

This is arranged in alphabetical order.

1) Brandywine Falls

Location: Whistler, BC
Activities available: Hike, Cycle, Picnic
Pets: Yes, on leash. Not allowed on beach areas or park buildings. Continue reading

Visa-Free Travel for Canadian Permanent Residents


Acquiring a visa can be pretty expensive and stressful. I still have my Philippine passport and citizenship even though I live in Canada, which means I still have to apply for travel visa in some countries despite being a Canadian Resident.  So I did my research *types in google: visa free travel for canadian pr card holder, lols” and found these places that are visa-free if you’re Canadian Resident. Yay!

A few notes:
– Your passport needs to be at least 6 months valid. It’s safer like that and to avoid any complications when you get to the country’s port of entry.
– I haven’t been to any of these places. (Boohoo). But if you have any questions regarding anything, we can google it together! =)
IMPORTANT! Please call country’s embassy to confirm travel requirements before planning and purchasing tickets. (As my list may not be up to date) Continue reading