Gold Creek Falls


Gold Creek Falls is located inside the Golden Ears Provincial Park. Just follow the signs to Lower Creek Falls. You’ll passed by Alouette Lake and the Campground and, as soon as you see the parking lot for Lower Creek Falls, you’re in the right track. From the parking lot, head down towards the trail. It took us about 45 minutes hike to reach the falls. The hike is pretty easy, it’s just like a walk in the park.

When you reach the falls, there’s a little path on the right to get to the Upper Falls. That’s where you can swim and do “cliff-jumping” at the same time. But be warned, the water is really cold. Otherwise, enjoy! xx

The trail. It would look like this all the way.
Featuring Karla

The Falls. Warning: it's cold as F.
The Falls. Warning: it’s cold as F.
The underwater shot.
.... and another with Karla
…. and another with Karla

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