Lindeman Lake


We drove an hour and 45 minutes from Vancouver (click here for more detailed instructions to get there) and it took us about 60 minutes hike to reach the lake, but usually you can finish it in 45 minutes.  There are also pretty rough trails on the way up (especially going down) but it’s bearable, so don’t worry! We even saw a lot kids hiking

The things that you can do in Lindeman Lake includes: camping, hiking, and you can also do a little dip in the glacier-fed lake. Be warned that the lake is freezing cold that you can only last 2 minutes top! Otherwise, just do a little picnic beside the water and just enjoy the breathtaking view!

The hike on the way up. Feelin’ like you’re in Twilight (the movie).
The sacrificial dip.

(iPhone Photos)


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